Vicky is a smart, strategic and resourceful marketer. She does her homework so that any plans she develops are founded in real knowledge of her target audience’s perceptions and unmet needs. She is able to clearly see and articulate issues, and develop constructive, workable solutions. She works hard to provide excellent value to the companies that employ her. She defines her role, in part, as making certain organizations such as agencies that might report to her have all the tools, information and management support possible to enable them to do their best job. She’s a good team player and consensus builder. She’s a pleasure to work with.

-Lisa Hartman, Senior Vice President, Stephan & Brady

Vicky knows how to ask tough questions and is able to quickly analyze complex situation. She brings both intelligence and emotional energy to any task she takes on, and she is well organized enough to keep several balls aloft at the same time. Her enthusiasm and confidence are contagious; her level of commitment inspiring.

– Rev. Dr. Michael Schuler, First Unitarian Society

Everything she does is infused with energy, intelligence, and integrity.

– Yona Eichenbaum, AP ? Account Director, FCB / Impact

If you have ever desired to grow your business or NGO I can guarantee a great marketing plan will be part of that goal. I can also say that since working with Vicky Jones I have learned that marketing is not so simple. It requires strategy and the appropriate communication plan that a marketing expert can help you with. Vicky Jones is the most knowledgeable person I know in the field of strategic marketing communications. She helps you to ask the right questions and not waste time with methods that will not result in the most benefit to your business or NGO. Her marketing line states that she can help you tell others that what you sell is what they want – this is exactly what you will get with her services. Investing in her help with your marketing plan will help you connect with your target audience more effectively.

– Dr. Autumn Swain, Trainer and Consultant for Leadership and Community Development; Entrepreneur

I was lucky to work closely with Vicky for several years while she was our client at the WMMB. During that time she never failed to impress me with her sharp intellect and her buttoned-up managerial skills. She was always the smartest person in the room. And no detail ever escaped her attention. But most importantly she had the vision and courage to take chances that she knew were in the best interest of the brand. In today’s world I believe that is a unique and key quality that makes her a great employee, a great consultant and a great client. And it is for these reasons that Vicky has earned my utmost respect.

-Sue Brown, Director of Marketing + Brand Strategist

Vicky Jones brings a unique set of skills as a marketing consultant. She has the expertise to understand the challenges we faced in defining our marketing needs. She employs outstanding listening skills to define our goals. She has the vision and the talents to craft our message, which raised our visibility to our clients and prospects.

-Ronn Irving, Sales Entrepreneur / Business Developer

Tenacity and purposefulness are two of Vicky’s great strengths. She has a penchant for meaningful and creative analysis, without getting bogged down in internal jargon. She isn’t preoccupied with methodology but seeks practical ways of analyzing situations, an important trait for working with heterogeneous groups.

-Steve Sullivan, Director of Product Management, Fenwal Laboratories

Vicky is one of the most committed people I’ve ever worked with. She is genuinely passionate about what she does, and is determined to achieve results for the good of the organization. Highly competent, intelligent, and skilled in areas of management, interpersonal communications, and decision-making, she deserves every wholehearted recommendation.

-Dori Molitor, President, WatersMolitor Promotional Marketing

Vicky is extremely hard-working, principled, conscientious, intelligent, and organized. She is excellent at being both a meeting leader and a participant in a team setting. One of her strengths is the ability to focus on the big-picture objectives and strategies, followed by precise execution of details.

-Bill Drew, VP Marketing, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Vicky Jones is the smartest marketing person I know.

-John Cokins, VP Marketing, Pope & Talbot

I attended Vicky’s “Shoestring Marketing” presentation last night, and it was outstanding! Vicky’s high energy and passion for business results are critical for business owners. I hired Vicky last year because I felt that my business was suffering from normality, and Vicky created a strategy based on customer interviews and insight. I highly recommend Vicky for any business owner who needs guidance and a plan.

-Robin Guernsey, Guernsey Realtors

Victoria Jones Strategic Marketing provided us with a depth of understanding for planning and assessment we had not previously experienced. We continue to build on the work she initiated for us. Vicky provided me with both insight and quality work. Her work and perspective were on the mark and very valuable. I would turn to Vicky first for future work in these areas.

-Dick Vander Woude, Director of Communications, Wisconsin Education Association Council

Vicky did a superb job implementing our marketing plan from start to finish. Our brochures and website were completely done by Vicky and we have received many compliments on both, along with additional business. I highly reccomend her services.

– Wendy Keehan, President, Advantage Home Care

As a consultant, Ms. Jones was a refreshing balance between “having the answers” and “looking for the answers.” There was a constant dialogue between us and Vicky over the course of the consultation; she was more than willing to brainstorm, to critique, to educate, to inspire – her passion for what she does was self-evident. Her expertise came naturally – it was easy to understand and respect her input, but she was also open to hear our ideas.

No matter who the client or what the project, she will go above and beyond to produce results. Her quest for knowledge made the consultation particularly enjoyable – the more she wanted to know, the more we wanted to know – it was infectious. As a result, the marketing plan she created for us exceeded our expectations.

-Robyn K. Wilkinson, Director of Marketing, Schauer Arts & Activities Center

Vicky brings great energy and creativity to her work. She does a good job clarifying the desired outcomes and works very hard with the client to reach them. Her efforts were invaluable.

-Drew Howick, CEO, Howick Associates

Vicky Jones really works hard for her clients. She is very intelligent, insightful, and articulate, as well as a good listener. In particular, she is a great resource and help for those starting their own business. I would definitely work with her again and would recommend her services to other business associates.

-Tom Kupiszewski, Principal,
Techniquality Recruiting

When you are an attorney and someone who designs websites for lawyers looks at your website and exclaims that it is one of the best lawyer websites she has ever seen, that means something. That just happened to me. This came from someone connected with a very large company that specializes in doing websites for lawyers, and I would assume she has seen a lot of sites. As I remember, among other things, she used the word “cool.”

When I wanted to redo my website, I spent a lot of time with Vicky figuring out what I wanted to do. Her constant theme was to be me, and make my website be me. I was a little concerned at first, but plowed forward with her prodding and guidance. And, the result is cool.

But it goes beyond that. What good is cool if nobody can find you. Again Vicky helped with the things that get me on the first page of Google.

So, if your website isn’t “cool” and people can’t find you, go see Vicky.

-Mike Luttig, Owner,
Luttig Law Office

Ms. Jones builds credibility and satisfaction by combining extraordinary technical ability with well-honed skills of listening and discernment. These, I feel are of utmost importance in serving organizations that are strong values-oriented and have a keen sense of organizational identity.

-Kent Mayfield, Church Administrator,
First Unitarian Society

Years ago, Vicky Jones created a dynamite business marketing message for my business, Hestad Law Office, a message which I continue to use with great success. I regularly returned to Vicky for further consults as my marketing expanded from print to yellow pages, networking, web, video and social media. Vicky is a fantastic resource for all aspects of marketing!

-Sally A. Hestad, Hestad Law

Victoria Jones does a phenomenal job with whatever project she works on. Her expertise and knowledge are projected in the absolutely great work that she does. The results from our work together were much greater than I would have been able to generate on my own. She is very professional and I will continue to consult with her.

-Jason Huett, Owner, Kicks Unlimited

Vicky consistently displays the following strengths: clear communication of organization goals, issues, and planning; strong organizational ability and skillful management of budgets and calendars; leadership and guidance of outside resources; and intelligence, insight, and erudition across a broad range of subject. As a bonus, she has a delightful sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with.

-Tom Gunderson, VicePresident, Dillon New Media