Speaking & training

Smart, funny, and spirited, with a gift for spinning a tale, Vicky Jones has a knack for making marketing concepts accessible, relevant, and fun. A regular lecturer for UW-Madison’s Small Business Development Center, Vicky has spoken at conferences large and small — from large conferences like the Governor’s Conference on Tourism and the annual conference of the Council for Advancement & Support of Education to smaller meetings of groups such as Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs and the Sales and Marketing Executives of Madison.  Her true pleasure is in developing custom hands-on workshops on topics specific to a client’s needs.  Download a speaker profile.

Sample programs

Hit the show running

75% of trade show attendees arrive with an agenda. Half of these schedule appointments two months in advance. Pre-show marketing is critical to getting you on your prospects’ to-visit lists.  (2-3 hours)


  • What influences people’s decision to attend trade shows
  • How people choose which exhibits to visit
  • How to get people to spend time at your booth
  • How to attract more of the right people
  • How to avoid an exhibitor’s most common post-show mistake
  • Rules of thumb for timing and budgeting
  • How to stretch the show
I’ll know it when I see it

Graphic designers don’t want to create graphics you can’t use any more than you want to pay them for creating graphics you can’t use. Learn how to empower them to do their best work without placing them in an informational vaccum. (45-60 mins.)


  • How designers are wired
  • How to not waste your money on their time
  • How to communicate your expectations
  • How to review and give constructive feedback

Also available for graphic designers as Getting great direction from your clients

So many choices
So little budget

You shouldn’t be asking yourself what sort of advertising is right for your business. You should ask yourself what sort of advertising is right for your customers. If you don’t understand your audience, you risk wasting money by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time via the wrong medium. And if you don’t have a communication strategy, the media rep has one for you, which probably has more to do with his/her goals than yours.  (1 hour)


  • The difference between advertising and exposure
  • Why directories — including Google and the Yellow Pages — are not advertising
  • The strengths and weaknesses of different media
  • How to get the biggest bang for your buck
  • How to develop a win-win relationship with your media rep
One man’s trash

Q: When is junk mail not junk mail?

A: When it works.

Direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing approaches to business-building available. Targetable, measurable, controllable, and efficient, it can be implemented successfully regardless of budget size. It’s also really easy to waste money with direct marketing if you don’t know what you’re doing. (3-4 hours)


  • The six strategic steps for a strong campaign
  • How to apply the formula of list + offer + presentation to maximum effect
  • How to spark the response you want
  • How to spend every dollar wisely

Also available as a presentation on email marketing or content marketing.