Consulting & coaching

Our services include…


Helping the client articulate (and align his/her organization with) core values before reaching out to customers/prospects.

  • Conduct deskside interviews, focus groups, staff retreats.
  • Facilitate development of mission and vision statements.
  • Design and produce newsletters, annual reports, corporate communications.

Market research

Discovering what people want, so that the client’s products/services and communications about those products/services can find a receptive audience.

  • Design, conduct, and analyze focus groups and interviews.
  • Develop, implement, and analyze surveys.
  • Competitive research.


Identifying a business’s strengths, resources, and untapped potential.

  • Conduct deskside interviews, focus groups, staff retreats.
  • Analyze results from prior marketing efforts: email campaigns, direct mail, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights
  • Develop, implement, and analyze customer/prospect/consumer research.


Crafting a positioning platform and brand story that can secure the client’s product/service in people’s minds as the one they want.

  • Informed by company vision, resource assessment, and market research, identify meaningful points of difference as a framework for integrating marketing communications.

Strategic planning

Working with the client to develop communication plans that are both aspirational and achievable.

  • Identify behavior desired from target audience(s).
  • Set achievable, measurable objectives.
  • Identify communications approaches for grabbing the target’s interest and eliciting the desired behavior.

Tactical planning

Charting the path toward the client’s goals with an effective, efficient mix of marketing communications to reach measurable goals within budgetary constraints

  • Advertising planning — Broadcast, print, direct mail, email, search engine marketing, social media advertising
  • Online marketing — Website navigation and content development, social media, content marketing, search engine optimization
  • Incentive planning — Coupons, trials, sweepstakes, sampling, giveaways, contests, in/onpacks, events
  • Sales support planning — Selling kits, sell sheets, sales manuals, signage and displays
  • Public relations planning — Media kits, press releases, ghostwriting, fundraising letters

Plan writing

Putting the client’s marketing communications plan in writing to keep staff focused and on track.

  • Lay out a clear roadmap for management and staff, detailing marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics.
  • Align each strategy and tactic with an accountable staff member.
  • Provide for evaluation of each element of the plan.

Marketing plan implementation
Coaching to self-reliance

Every good marketing plan includes a calendar with as much step-by-step detail as the client needs to take over implementation right away, and coaching can help them hit the ground running.  An essential part of our coaching includes equipping the client to implement the plan.

Vicky Jones helped us develop such a comprehensive marketing plan that we didn’t even need to hire her again the following year.  We used what she taught us, and we continue build on the work she initiated for us. – D. Vander Woude, WEAC

Getting the ball rolling

If a client needs help getting started, our team can put some infrastructure into place for the client to take over when ready.  We can help with:

  • Web development — Navigation planning, content writing, graphic design, website building, e-store setup, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics setup
  • Broadcast advertising — Communication strategy, creative brief development, creative concepting and review, media negotiation and scheduling
  • Direct marketing (direct mail and email marketing — List sourcing, offer development, content writing, graphic design, testing
  • Online marketing — Google Adwords campaign development, Facebook advertising, search engine optimization
  • Incentive marketing — Development and coordination of coupon campaigns, sweepstakes, and contests
  • Sales support materials — Development of selling kits, sell sheets, sales manuals, signage and displays
  • Public relations planning — Media kits, press releases, ghostwriting, fundraising letters
Continuity support

One of our principles is that clients should spend most of their marketing budget on actual marketing rather than on paying marketing consultants, so we work toward the goal of equipping our clients to confidently and capably plan and implement their own marketing strategies.  We can also:

  • Make ourselves available when a client needs advice, assistance, analysis, or our two cents.
  • Train staff in implementation and evaluation.
  • Source an advertising agency or pull together a freelance team.

Agency sourcing

Helping the client find freelancers or full-service agencies to support plan implementation.

  • Develop criteria for agency/freelancer selection.
  • Screen prospective agencies/freelancers.
  • Set up and participate in agency/freelancer interviews.

Agency relationship management

Assisting the client in communicating with graphic designers, web developers, and advertising agencies to secure topnotch results.

  • Develop a communications strategy and creative briefs to focus and guide agencies and freelancers in their efforts.
  • Act as a conduit between client and agency, to make sure the agency knows what the client is talking about and vice versa.


Working with staff to strengthen their understanding of goals and empowering them to do their best work.

  • WordPress content editing and management.
  • Meeting management training.
  • Meeting/project facilitation.