Our philosophy


Recommendations for an organization will be informed by what its customers, and, therefore it, needs, not by a bag of promotion gimmicks. The benefit for the client: A marketing plan driven by equity-building strategies, not flash-in-the-pan tactics.


Recommendations will not be limited to product or industry knowledge, but founded on a solid grounding in strategic marketing, social psychology, and demographics. The benefit for the client: Fresh thinking and creative, on-target communications, inspired by inter-industry best practices.


Respect for the client means truth-telling in plain English. Understanding how people care about their businesses (because we care about ours), we don’t tell people what to do; we work with them. The benefit for the client: A partnership designed to equip the client to succeed, even after the consultant has left the scene.


We work with an organization’s other suppliers, not as a watchdog or antagonist, but as an advocate for productive partnerships. The benefit for the client: Better communications with and stronger work from your agency, freelancers, and staff.